100% Gluten Free

Experience pure indulgence with our 100% gluten-free products – delicious taste without any gluten worries!

Healthy & Yummy

Savor the goodness of health and flavor in every bite with our deliciously nutritious offerings – a perfect blend of taste and vitality!



Introducing our new boba tea menu! Our gluten-free boba tea is a refreshing and healthy complement to our bowls. Enjoy natural ingredients, antioxidants, and a delicious taste with every sip.


“Okome” meaning RICE, is not only the foundation of our dishes but a reflection of our cultural heritage.

At Okome, we embrace the rich symbolism of rice, representing Health, Prosperity, Abundance, and Good Fortune. With a passion for authenticity and innovation, we blend traditional Asian recipes with modern culinary techniques to create a menu that is both familiar and exciting. Okome is more than a restaurant – it’s a vibrant gathering place where friends and family come together to share delicious food and create lasting memories. With a commitment to quality and hospitality, we strive to provide an exceptional dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Our goal at OKOME is to provide you with choices where everything is Gluten Free, and the Perfect Balance between Healthy and Yum!